Philipe Casarotte Product Manager @ Jukin Media

I'm a product manager with hands-on experience in software development, client management, and digital strategy.

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Philipe Casarotte

Bio: I guide clients in all aspects of their web development project from the initial strategy and scope to the project management. I strategize end-to-end launch plans for my clients' products and services.

My diverse background includes roles in client relations, project management, front- and back-end development, UX/UI and digital strategy. I enjoy collaborating with people from all disciplines to produce creative digital products. My ability to deeply understand the technical aspects of web development as well as the business and marketing facets allows me to quickly connect with other team members and clients.

Previous Experiences

I've previously worked as an IT analyst at Sumitomo Corporation, a global Japanese trading company. I was also a graphic designer and software engineer for one of Brazil's largest newspapers, O Estado de S. Paulo, “the Estadão.” There, I helped to develop an automation software which was later sold to top-tier Brazilian universities such as Fundação Getulio Vargas do Rio de Janeiro.

Education and Awards

I've taught web development for two universities, Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial and Faculdade Santa Marcelina, and I'm honored that my work has won The Communicator, Davey, and W3 awards. I hold a B.S. in Digital Media from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo.

I'm Currently

Jukin Media

On-going work in 3 different products, B2C, B2B, and internal tools.

Selected past projects

Experience by the Number

I've been involved in more than 450 projects in various roles. Here's a few stats on my roles in these projects throughout the years.

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